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  • Our Fungus Program Holds the Property Line on Two very Fungus Prone Adjoining Lawns.Our Fungus Program Holds the Property Line on Two very Fungus Prone Adjoining Lawns.
    Our Fungus Program Holds the Property Line on Two very Fungus Prone Adjoining Lawns.
Our fungus program (right) holding the property line on two very fungus prone adjoining lawns.

lawn disease program

At TLC Tender Lawn Care, we love a good challenging lawn fungus! The first step in treatment is proper disease identification. Once identified, we can target your specific problem. We use the best products to attack and halt the disease in it tracks.

Our Lawn Disease Program is a "preventative" program meaning we always want to stay ahead of the fungus. All fungus treatments are spaced no further than 28 days apart to allow no gaps in coverage. Sometimes it is necessary to squeeze applications closer together depending on rainfall, temperature, and other climatic conditions.

Our systemic treatments gets absorbed through both the leaf tissue and root system   to stop and prevent further diseases, becoming rainfast in as little as fifteen minutes. The two modes of activity allow for protection of both the root and leaf.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as "cure all" when it comes to residential lawn fungus care but through the results of field, manufacturer and university testing, we use the best products on the market today. We are also constantly rotating our products to avoid resistance development.

For our common diseases in Cool Season turf (brown patch, red thread, dollar spot.....), we reccomend our 5 application preventative program. There are some more aggressive types of fungus (pythium blight, Fusarium Patch....), that may require an additional treatment.

For Warm Season grasses, we recommend applications in the spring and fall to prevent spring dead spot and other diseases.

Proper fertilization and proper lawn maintenance is huge part in preventing fungus!

The best way to learn about Tender Lawn Care is to give us a no hassle, no pressure try.

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