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grass seeding - Winston Salem NC

Your grass needs oxygen and grass roots need oxygen more than most people think. Traffic on your grass: walking, children playing, and cutting the grass (especially with a riding lawn mower) compacts the soil under the grass that you see, squeezing the oxygen filled spaces that your grass roots need to breath and to stay healthy. Without oxygen your lush grass will suffocate. Oxygen in the soil also provides life for earthworms and other organisms that keep your soil and grass healthy.

Lawn Aeration and Seeding Winston Salem NC Grass Aeration - Winston Salem NC
Aeration of your grass provides space for water and oxygen to filter more consistently through soil, and helps reduce problems with thatch. Keep in mind that there is no better way of preventing weeds and crabgrass than having a thick healthy lawn. Fall aeration and seeding is the key to next years success!!

Notice in the two photos to the right how lush and green the TLC customer's grass looks compared to his/her neighbors. We are not trying to make your neighbors look bad - but we do want YOUR grass to look GOOD.

Grass Seeding and Aeration - Winston Salem NC - See how Green our Grass Is Compare the Green TLC Grass Seeding and Aeration - Winston Salem NC

Don't be fooled by companies offering you a low price! TLC of Winston Salem NC will work diligently to provide you with the best grass possible. Our state of the art machinery delivers a uniform pattern and consistent depth which allows air, water and nutrients to reach the root system. All grass areas are aerated and we use only the highest quality grass seed to obtain amazing results.

We offer 2 different grass seeding programs to fit your budget. In both programs, we aerate the entire lawn area, apply proper amounts of high quality grass seed (too much or too little grass seed produces poor results) but in our Gold Seeding Package, you also receive 2 applications that we feel is important to the seeding results. Quick releasing lime and seed starter fertilizer ensure amazing results. We guarantee our results and will gladly touch up any spots if you have followed our simple directions.

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